Wholehearted Mini Retreat Recap

The event was held in a gorgeous space at the Boheme + Body Wellness Shala on the South Gold Coast. The light-filled room was thoughtfully brought together with fairy lights, living plants, timber floors, a stone feature wall and artist murals... A yogis haven.

Upon entering the Shala, we were greeted with prepared yoga mats and an array of delicious organic cold-pressed Sol Cleanse Juices. Once seated, we were given a gift pack... An environmentally friendly Sea Shepherd tote bag packed with a Love Letter by TLL Collective, a 15ml bottle of essential oil and a few other little surprises ;)

Upon closing our eyes, the outside world drifted away as we re-connected to the breath, withdrawing our senses within. It was time to move with awareness, intention, and grace. We warmed our bodies with a few rounds of Surya Namaskar (Salute to the sun) and were given the opportunity to flow in our own time with the beat of the music. Feeling Invigorated + Excited, the song for the dance was played for the first time - Lana Del Rey's "Get Free." The dreamy track was choreographed with gentle, powerful and graceful poses that looked beautiful and felt amazing! Everyone laughed + smiled with their hearts + souls as they danced through the yoga postures over and over again until almost no guidance was required. The dance became a moving meditation.

After a peaceful + well deserved Savasana, lunch arrived from The Greenhouse Canteen + Bar - A local Vegan caterer who really know how to make wonderfully wholesome food!!! We ate every crumb and eagerly made our way back to the mat for the 2nd act! 90-minutes of blissful relaxation in the form of a guided meditation and restorative yin (with both essential oils and head massages!)

When we finally managed to coax ourselves from the mat, we were each given a glass jar of freshly brewed Hot Cacao for a short intention-setting ceremony. With warm bellies + hearts, together we ended the mini-retreat with a few parting words of Gratitude + Namaste. 

Join me at the next mini retreat at Boheme + Body on the 24th Feb - Click here for more information.

|| All photographs were taken by the ever-professional + creative Anne from @gettogetherphoto ||