She let go...

She let go of her inhibitions,
her failures, her lies + her triumphs,
as she just came to be.
She dived into the unknowningness,
that was what she secretly desired...
The ability to let go and trust with her whole heart, soul + being,
that all was well and nothing needed meddling with.

That life would go on, without force, without question, without doubt.

Life was something she thought about too often,
judging, being skeptical of and in a way, fearing...
This life was nothing more than a gift,
it longed for no more than acceptance + gratitude.
She felt liberated, she felt strong, she felt free + most of all - Her.

It was a special experience,
an important moment of transition where real change is made.

Every day can be the same,
one after another like the carriages of a train,
but within each one can sometimes be something different,
sometimes seen + sometimes hidden.

In the depths of her love for this life,
she at times felt like she wasn't deserving.
She let go. She let go. She let go.
She is SO worthy.
She is part of this universal plan.
This divine universe is one with her, and her with it.

Alysa Greenland

Alysa Michelle Greenland