Flow with life using the Chi Cycle

Here! All your daily ups & downs rationalised with a pretty pie graph... I first heard about the Chi Cycle at a 'Zen Soul Life' retreat and I was seriously gobsmacked! Could a lack of energy, digestive discomfort and general 'feeling of averageness' be resolved by simply doing certain things at certain times? The answer is Sure! 

The Chi Cycle charts the flow of chi (energy) through your body over a 24-hour period, showing the journey of the chi which rests in different organs at specific times of the day. Chinese medicine suggests that by following this pattern of the chi voyage through the organs and matching your activities to relate to the qualities of the organs, you will always be in a flow with life.  In fact, by following the natural flow of your body’s energy cycles, you will create radiant health, abundant energy and even enhance your life purpose! (http://upliftconnect.com/24-hour-chi-cycle/)

I recommend printing the below graphic by Jost Sauer and keeping it in your diary OR saving the image to your iBooks app for all you iPhone users.

Note: Don't make it gospel... Use the Chi cycle as a general guideline. It does no good to stress about sticking to the cycle perfectly.