Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness Cards

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Self-Care 101: Set a daily intention

Our ALL new mindfulness card sets include thirty new intentions, an adorable new design and as always, a delightful clear quartz crystal. Includes regular postage within Australia.


10-pack $140.00 OR 24-pack $265.00

Includes tracked postage within Australia.

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One-third of healing occurs without doing anything other than having a positive thought.

Each set includes thirty of our favourite quotes, sayings, and affirmations, printed on 100% recycled card (because we care).

A quick, meaningful and light-hearted way to start the day - simply select a card randomly each day/week. Take time to reflect on what card has been drawn to you and what it means in a positive way. Treat this card as a message from the universe, and place the card somewhere you will see it often.

Each set includes thirty different cards + a mini clear quartz crystal for extra healing support. All kept safe + snug inside a handmade hessian pouch, (thanks to Mum and her sewing skills).


  • a A5 black & white inspirational Art Quote Print with a mandala colour in drawing to encourage creativity and stillness within the mind,

  • Standard postage (snail mail) within Australia.

“Rather than being your thoughts and the emotions,
be the awareness behind them”.

– Eckhart Tolle

Please email Melika via hello@theloveletter.com.au for any Mindfulness Card related enquiries